Clearbit for Salesforce Overview

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If you are looking to gain a better understanding of what Clearbit in Salesforce can do for you, you've come to the right place. We've gathered together videos and case studies from our website and answered frequently asked questions, all in one place for your convenience.


Clearbit for Salesforce allows you to find new leads and contacts with full data profiles, automatically enrich your CRM, and alert reps when key accounts hit your site.

Below you will find summaries and case studies on the three tools we provide in Salesforce: Enrichment, Prospector and Reveal. These can be utilized together or separately depending on your needs and use cases.

You can check out a PDF summary of Clearbit for Salesforce here.


Enrichment - Automatically enrich your CRM and shorten sign-up forms

Enrichment turns an email address into over 80 person and company data points, allowing you to remove form fields while still getting the data your team needs.

Prospector - Simplify sales prospecting

Our flagship prospecting suite allows any member of your team to find your ideal potential customers and create Salesforce records from directly within Salesforce. 

Reveal - Alert reps when accounts hit your site

Our Reveal for Salesforce integration automatically monitors all of your accounts to alert your reps when one of their prospects is showing a high level of activity on your site. By having this data in Salesforce, you can combine it with existing opportunity data to automatically create Salesforce tasks or email/chatter alerts in real-time when accounts are most likely to close.


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