Clearbit for Salesforce: Prospector


Search through over 20M companies using criteria like company size, industry, description, business model and location. Once you’ve selected your ideal accounts, prospect using role, seniority, name or title to add hundreds of leads to your pipeline in seconds. If you want individual reps to be able to prospect into their named accounts, simply add the Clearbit widget to their lead layout for ABM-style prospecting. Contact our success team to get set up for a trial of Clearbit for Saleforce, or if you’d prefer to try our free Salesforce extension Clearbit for Salesforce Lite, you can find more information below.

Use Cases

Read how Apptimize increased their sales opportunities by 300% with Prospector.

Read a chapter on using data and outbound ops to scale sales.

Getting Started

Start prospecting for free with Connect in Gmail or Outlook here, or get in touch with our team at to get Prospector for Salesforce.