Clearbit for Salesforce: Enrichment


Manual data entry only gets you so far, as it forces reps to spend less time closing deals and typically results in incorrect or incomplete data (91% of CRM data is incomplete). This is why automating account research and data entry is such a quick win for any sales team, enabling accurate lead qualification, precise routing and actionable territory planning. Our average enrichment customer saves 5+ hours/weeks/rep.

Enrichment monitors your entire Salesforce database for changes monthly, and automatically pushes updates so you never have to think about person and company data again. Use it for lead routing, qualification and reporting.

Use Cases

Read a blog post on five ways to use Enrichment.

Read a PDF on how sophisticated companies use Enrichment in Salesforce.

Getting Started

Contact our team at to get set up for a trial of Clearbit Enrichment for Saleforce, or if you’d prefer to try our free Salesforce extension Clearbit for Salesforce Lite, you can find more information here.