How does Enrichment work in Salesforce?

Top three things to know about how Clearbit Enrichment works in your Salesforce org:

1. In order to get enriched data on a company or a person, a valid email or domain is required as the input.

Enrichment requires the email or domain as an input to find person and company data to return back. While we've considered the possibility of alternative inputs, currently an email or domain are the only two possible sources Enrichment can use. 

2. Clearbit data is exclusive to teammates who have been given Clearbit licenses in Salesforce.

Only those who have Clearbit licenses will have access to Clearbit in Salesforce (ping your team's Admin!).

Here's how to grant a Clearbit license. Feel free to contact if more licenses are needed. 

3. For best results, turn Write to Standard Fields and Clearbit Refresh on.

      Write to Blank Standard Fields

Clearbit will not overwrite any of your existing data. With the 'Write to Blank Standard Fields' switch turned on, this lets Clearbit write into blank standards Salesforce fields on Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.  

Clearbit Refresh

Clearbit Refresh has two functions: 1) it enriches all your existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts with Clearbit data then 2) updates all Leads, Contacts, and Accounts again every 30 days to ensure the data you have is as accurate as can be.

      Refresh runs on background jobs and does not use any of your SFDC API calls.