Salesforce Installation Guide

Follow the four steps below to Install Clearbit in your Salesforce Org.

Install & Configure Clearbit

Get Clearbit from the AppExchange and install in production. Configure your settings to make sure all records stay up to date with current data.

Connect Salesforce to Clearbit

In this step we'll show you how you can connect your subscriptions to Salesforce by inserting the API key.

Grant Users a License

All Salesforce users who want to access Clearbit data will need to have a license. Ask your Customer Success Manager how many Clearbit licenses you have available. You can always increase the amount of seats if you need more.

Add the Enrichment Widget Onto Your Leads, Contacts, and Accounts

The widget allows you to see the most popular data points, showing person attributes on the left and company attributes on the right. We recommend the widget to be set up on all three object types for easy viewing. Please ask your team's System Admin to help as they have the right permissions to do so.

this guide if you are using Salesforce Lightning