Install & Configure Clearbit in Salesforce

Follow these steps to start using Clearbit in Salesforce.

  1. Head to the Salesforce AppExchange: Clearbit Listing
  2. Choose Get It Now.
  3. Log in to the AppExchange.
  4. Click Install in Production.


Navigating Salesforce

Go to Setup > Installed Packages> Clearbit Integration 

Click Configure.

Click Connect to Clearbit

Login to the (billing user's) Clearbit account and Authorize access.


Important: if your Clearbit account isn't the billing account, you can still complete set up - you'll need to use the billing account's API Key since all Clearbit plans are tied to it. This API key can be found in the billing user's Clearbit dashboard and you'll want to plug the key into the Clearbit API Key field within Clearbit Settings to successfully configure Clearbit. If you're unable to find the API Key, we can help. 

Heads up! Bypassing this step may lead to confusing messages down the line, especially if you were previously on a trial version.


Once you've finished all three steps you're good to go! Here are few best practices to keep in mind when configuring your settings:

Write to Blank Standard Fields

Clearbit will not overwrite any of your existing data. With the 'Write to Blank Standard Fields' switch turned on, this lets Clearbit write into Leads, Contacts, and Accounts. Depending on your version you can also overwrite fields using Clearbit Field Mapping


Clearbit Refresh has two functions: 1) it enriches all your existing Leads, Contacts, and Accounts with Clearbit data then 2) updates all Leads, Contacts, and Accounts again every 30 days to ensure the data you have is as accurate as can be.