Reveal for B2B Site Personalization


In marketing, we know that the better our messaging speaks to an individual prospect, the higher chance we have of converting them into a customer.

Unfortunately, we have little control over who views our site, so we’re often left writing content to broad customer profiles and hoping that it connects with our anonymous visitors.

Clearbit Reveal automatically links anonymous traffic with a full company profile, and allows you to customize the content of your website for each specific visitor when integrated onto your site. The Reveal API can be integrated client-side or server-side - including natively with Personalization platforms such as Optimizely or Google Optimize. Note: Clearbit Reveal does not identify the specific person visiting your site - only the company. Hence, this use case is most effective when deployed by B2B companies.

For example, if you sell into multiple industries, you can quickly create custom hero sections speaking to each of their specific needs.


Pro Tip: While the sky is the limit and you can customize every bit of content on your site based on over 40 company attributes, we recommend that you focus on simple binary personalizations to quickly see an impact on your conversion. Here are a few examples to get you started:

  • Show targeted testimonials based on visitor’s company size
  • Show targeted whitepapers based on visitor’s industry
  • Show targeted product integrations based on visitor’s tech stack
  • Show customer logos for social proof based on visitor’s company size, industry, or business model
  • Customize site text with copy that resonates to visitor’s specific segment
  • Show special offers only if visitor is a qualified lead

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Getting access

In order to use Reveal for Personalization, you will need to subscribe to a Reveal Premium (API) plan (note: this is not included in the Reveal Google Analytics package). Reveal Premium (API) includes the ability to add the client-side Reveal endpoint to your site domain. Reach out to Clearbit Success ( to ensure you have the right access!  


Setting up

The simplest way to get started with Reveal for Personalization is to integrate directly with Optimizely, Google Optimize, or Segment. To do so, start with the below:

Within each guide, you will learn how to embed Clearbit Reveal onto your site, how to reference Clearbit data in each platform, and best practices on building Audiences & Personalization.

If you do not use any of the above platforms and wish to use Reveal for Personalization, you can jump directly into our API documentation and code things up yourself! Adding the client-side Reveal endpoint onto your site creates a dynamic Javascript variable on page view that you can reference with custom code or any other front-end software that can reference custom Javascript. It is highly recommended that you have developer resources if you choose to use an integration method that is not officially supported by Clearbit.


Below are some additional technical resources:


Looking to use Reveal for other use cases?