Reveal for Segment


Segment is a customer data infrastructure that enables companies to collect, unify, and connect their first-party data to hundreds of marketing, analytics, and data warehousing tools. Segment makes it easy to send the same consistent customer data across all of your favorite tools.


This integration is similar to the Clearbit email Enrichment integration, in that you can simply connect Clearbit to Segment without adding any additional code to your site!

Connect Clearbit to Segment to automatically add Reveal data to anonymous users to any of Segment’s tools on their platform.


Using Reveal and Segment, you could:
  • send Reveal data into Drift via Segment to create a more personalized and targeted chat experience
  • create dynamic custom audiences with Facebook Ads based on web visits, behavioral events (e.g. clicking on a button), and anonymous Reveal data
  • personalize messaging across email, website, live chat, and more with Reveal data routed via Segment 


Getting access
In order to use Reveal in Segment, you will need to subscribe to a Reveal Premium (API) plan and have a Segment subscription.  
If you only wish to access Reveal data Google Analytics, it is highly recommended (and cheaper!) that you install our native GA integration with some additional client-side code. Note that this does not include direct API access.
Reach out to Clearbit Support ( to ensure you have the right access!


How It Works
The Clearbit integration listens to the Segment page event. Clearbit then takes the IP address in the page event, adds the Reveal data, and then sends an identify event back to Segment with company level data if we can match the IP address to a company.

Once the Reveal data has been added, Clearbit data will be available to any of the destinations you've configured for your Segment source. We will only send a Reveal identify event once every 24 hours for the unique combination of a given anonymous/user id and IP address.


Setting Up Through the Segment Dashboard
Setting up Clearbit's Segment integration is straightforward process that doesn’t require any additional coding (as long as Segment is already implemented on your site or app). Note: if you have already added the integration then skip steps 1 and 2.
1. Find the Clearbit integration in your Segment account
The Clearbit integration can be found on the Catalog > Destinations page of your Segment Source in your Segment account (or you can add it to your Segment account from the integration's landing page).


You can also get to the Clearbit Reveal page with this URL pattern:{{ your project }}/destinations/catalog/clearbit-reveal

2. Select your Segment source and enter your Clearbit API key

Select the Segment project to which you want to apply Reveal. Then, enter your Clearbit API key into the Settings page of the Clearbit Integration in Segment, then click Save Changes and Enable Integration.


3. Verify that the integration is working correctly
To verify that the integration has been set up correctly, check the Debugger section of your Segment Source. Assuming everything has been set up correctly, you should start seeing Clearbit data populate in the Identify events—click on the specific event you're interested in to see Clearbit traits. These traits will now be available to other Segment integrations in your account. Notice that all Clearbit traits are prefixed with clearbit_ to ensure they don't conflict with existing traits.

Are you sending a page events?
Clearbit Reveal uses the IP address in Segment’s page event. In order for the integration to function, make sure that in your Segment code that a page event is being sent.
Here is a link to Segment’s documentation for more information on the identify call.
Is Clearbit Reveal enabled on the correct Segment source?
Because Clearbit Reveal only works with a page event, it’s likely that the Clearbit Reveal destination is enabled on the wrong Segment source. Make sure that your Segment source is an app where you are actively sending page events, like a Javascript source.