How do I overwrite incomplete data with Clearbit data?

By design, Clearbit will only write into these standard fields when they’re either:

  • Blank
  • Or have an [[unknown]] value 

Note: Clearbit recognizes this value as a blank field!

What if you have bad or incomplete data that you’d like to have replaced with Clearbit data? Although Clearbit will not overwrite existing fields, it’s possible to use Salesforce’s built-in Process Builder to command this overwrite - this takes 3 - 4 minutes to set up.


1. Build a Process Builder Workflow

- head to Setup
- in the Quick Find / Search bar, type in Process Builder
- click into Process Builder


and click New to start a new Process Builder workflow

2. Under Process Name, you’ll want to name the workflow you’re building and set the process starts when A record changes


3. Now, let’s add an Object - this is the kind of record the workflow will focus on.

click on + Add Object
- select Account
- click to Start the process when a record is created or edited
- and press Save


4. Next, we’ll define the Criteria to trigger this workflow.

It’s important that the Conditions are set in this particular order:


  • Set the Conditions to All of the conditions are met (AND)
  • Press Save


5. Click on Immediate Actions


  • Add an Action Name
  • For Record, select [Account]
  • Choose No criteria - just update the records! As the Criteria for Updating Records
  • Set the Field, Type, and Value:


This will make sure that the standard Salesforce Employees field is overwritten with Clearbit’s Employees data (where we have it!).


6. Activate the Process Builder workflow.


And that’s it! Rinse and repeat for the fields you want to overwrite with Clearbit data.