Reveal Best Practices: Retargeting on Steroids

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Directly in Google Analytics, Reveal can help deliver key insights like: which companies are visiting your site, attribution of marketing spend to qualified traffic, and even which business segments are converting the best/worst into MQL's.  While GA insights can be incredibly powerful, using Reveal data with dynamic retargeting can take marketing efficiency to the next level.

Retargeting on Steroids

Traditional retargeting for anonymous traffic - the vast majority of traffic on B2B sites - is driven by user actions (i.e. clicked on a specific whitepaper) and sources (i.e. came from Facebook ad), both of which can be powerful but hardly affect  which types of companies are actually being targeted.  Wouldn't you rather invest spend in only retargeting the qualified companies who interact with your site?

Well, Reveal allows you do just that! Because AdWords and Google Analytics are natively integrated, you can create custom audiences in GA using Reveal custom dimensions and then apply these to Remarketing campaigns. 

First, build your custom audiences in Google Analytics.  We recommend you blend Reveal firmographic attributes (ex. specific companies, company size/industries) with activity (ex. visited pricing page, used specific keywords) and double check the Segment sizes to make sure there are enough audience members.

Next, within AdWords, create a new Campaign and select the Display Network tab. Click the red Targeting button.

You will now see your Audiences from GA as potential Remarketing lists - it's magic!  And what's more is that Adwords will show you a real-time diagnostic of how many potential visitors can be remarketed to - we recommend starting fairly broad unless you have elite amounts of site traffic.

With the above two steps, you can create unique, effective Retargeting campaigns. Combined with SEO keywords & site activity, you can be both very customized in your messaging and targeted in your approach.