Run a Redirect Test in Google Optimize

Run a Redirect test Experiment

Increased site traffic doesn’t always translate to conversion and the redirect test is a useful way to test separate web pages against each other. Using Reveal in Optimize, you can identify your ideal prospects and show a solutions page instead of a home page. 

Once you have  Reveal integrated with Optimize, it's time to create an experiment.

In this example, let's say our goal is to increase the volume of signups. We'll do this by identifying Enterprise visitors with Reveal, then showing these ideal prospects a solution page instead of a home page.


Step 1 - Prerequisites

Before you can create a redirect test in Optimize, you’ll need to create your web page variant. You’ll need to create your page variants outside Optimize + have the URL(s) ready!


Step 2 - Start a redirect test experiment

  1. Click on your Container name to get to the Experiments page.
  2. In Experiments tab, click to Create Experiment.
  3. Name your Experiment + drop in the URL of the page you’d like to test.

Note: As best practice, use a fully-resolved URL, not a URL that redirects. Here, we want to show all Enterprise visitors Clearbit's solution page instead of our home page.

4. Select Redirect test  + press Create.


Step 3 - Create a Variant  

Here, you can create a new variant to by choosing your destination web page.

  1. Click on +New Variant.
  2. Name the variant and enter the redirect destination.

3. Change the weights of the Variants to have 99% on Variant 1.


Step 4 - Declare your Objectives

Now, we’ll configure the experiment objectives on the Objectives tab.

  1. For Primary Objective, select Pageviews to get data for all visitors that visit your site.
  2. Describe your hypothesis + press Save.

Step 5 - Set your Target

Here, determine who you wish to target and the frequency.

  1. By setting Who to 100%, you’ll include all visitors who browse your site to participate in the Redirect test experiment.

2. Under When, we’ll need to create a new rule specifying that the only Enterprise visitors should be redirected to the solution page. Press +Create Rule and click on Custom JavaScript.

3. To create a new variable, drop in this javascript code and press Create Variable to save this variable.

  if (window.reveal && {     
  return 0;

4. Create another rule by pressing AND + click on URLs. Here, we’ll specify that the URL matches the editor page URL, which (in this example) is

5. Click  AND again + add the Employees variable to greater than 1000.

6. Press Save.


Step 6 - Start Your Experiment

Click Start Experiment and you’re all set!

If you're running an A/B test to see the effects personalization has on a conversation, you’ll want to keep the experiment running for at last 2 weeks or until your variant has a 95% probability to  beat the baseline .

For questions you may have, please  get in touch with our Success Team.