Legacy: Set up SAML authentication with Okta

Last Updated: September 27, 2023

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

These instructions outline the steps that your Okta administrator must take to create, activate, and assign users to access Clearbit apps through SAML authentication.

Before you begin: Initiating and completing the SAML authentication setup requires collaboration with a Clearbit Implementation Manager. Contact our team for assistance.

Create a custom SAML 2.0 app in Okta

Clearbit integrates with Okta through a custom SAML app setup, and is not available in Okta's integration library.

Disclaimer❗️: The Clearbit SWA integration is not a replacement for SAML authentication. Secure Web Authentication (SWA) refers to a technology used by Okta to provide SSO for external applications that do not support SAML, and is akin to a password manager (e.g. it saves and reuse your password when logging into websites).

  1. To create the custom SAML app navigate to the Admin Console in Okta and go to Applications > Applications. Choose Create App Integration and select SAML 2.0 as the sign-in method, then click Next.
  2. Provide a name for the app (e.g. Clearbit). Optionally, add a description and icon (we
    recommend this icon), and click Next.
  3. Fill out the General SAML Settings with the following information:
    1. Single sign on URL: a unique URL will be provided by our team.
    2. Audience URI (SP Entity ID): a unique URL will be provided by our team.
    3. Name ID format: EmailAddress
    4. Application username: Okta username
  4. Add the following attributes statements (required):
    1. firstName > Unspecified → user.firstName
    2. lastName > Unspecified → user.lastName
  5. Click Next and select I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app, then click Finish.

Assign users or groups to the custom SAML 2.0 app

To identify all of the users who currently have access to your Clearbit account, navigate to Teams > Users in the Clearbit dashboard.

Assign individual users

To assign users to the Okta app...

  1. Navigate to Directory > People and click on the name of the user you want to assign. Then, select Assign Applications and click Assign for the Clearbit SAML app you created in the previous step.

Assign groups

To assign the application to a group...

  1. Navigate to Application > Applications in the admin console and searching for the Clearbit SAML app. Then click on the Assignments tab, select Assign to Groups, and click Assign for the groups you would like to add. Then select Save and go back, and click Done.

Share your SAML app details with the Clearbit team

To complete the implementation, you will need to share important SAML app details with the Clearbit team. After you have created your custom SAML application, follow these instructions to access and share the required information:

  1. Click the View SAML setup instructions button in the SAML setup section of your app.
  2. Copy and share the following configuration information with the Clearbit team: 
    1. Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
    2. Identity Provider Issuer
    3. X.509 Certificate

Enable SAML authentication

SAML authentication must be enabled by a Clearbit employee using the information you shared in the previous step.

Once you have successfully created the SAML app, assigned users, shared your app details with the Clearbit team, and are ready to enable SAML authentication, contact us and we will complete the setup process!

If you would like to coordinate the enablement and testing of your app, our team is happy to arrange a call to complete the setup together and answer any questions you may have.

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