Legacy: Track Capture Created Time, Audience, and Destination

Last Updated: January 12, 2024

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Clearbit customers with access to Enrichment within the platform can sync System Traits to their Capture created records to understand:

  • Which records were created by Capture?
  • When were those records first created by Capture?
  • Which audience and destination created that record?

Capture System Traits

Clearbit provides the following system traits within Salesforce, which can be used to audit Capture record creation activity, and attribute record creation activity to pipeline and revenue creation.

System Trait Name Data Type Description Example
Clearbit Capture Time Date Time A timestamp indicating when a Capture destination created the record in the external system.
5/6/2023 6:19 PM
Clearbit Capture Audience Text (36 characters) The ID of the audience that triggered the Capture destination.
Clearbit Capture Destination Text (36 characters)

The ID of the destination that created the record.



How to sync Capture system traits to Salesforce

To sync Capture system traits to Salesforce...

  1. In Salesforce admin, create a field on the Account, Contact, and/or Lead record that you would like to receive for each Capture system trait. Ensure the data type matches the table above.
  2. Navigate to the Enrichment tab in the Clearbit platform, and click Configure in the Salesforce modal.
  3. Navigate to the Account, Contact, or Lead tab depending on which object you would like to sync the Capture system traits to.
  4. Select Add field mapping, search for the name of the system trait you would like to sync and select it from the dropdown.
  5. Choose the Salesforce attribute that you would like to sync with each Capture system trait.
  6. Enable hard overwrite. This will ensure that the field is always written to, regardless of whether or not the field was previously edited.
  7. Click Save to enable the sync with those new fields.

If you would like to sync to multiple objects, follow these instructions to create and save mappings for each object.


Note: Capture system traits cannot be backfilled. These attributes will only be available when you configure and save field mappings.