Facebook Conversions

The Facebook Conversion Destination allows you to sync People Destinations from Clearbit X with the Facebook Offline Conversions API, to create a direct connection between the conversions tracked in your CRM and Facebook Ads Manager.


Utilizing Clearbit Conversions will enhance all of your Facebook Ads reporting, targeting, and budget optimization.


Use-cases include: 

  • Improved Ad Targeting. Clearbit Conversions create a feedback loop between your sales outcomes and Facebook’s ad targeting by telling Facebook what successful conversions look like so they can find more people like that when optimizing your campaigns.
  • Value Optimized Bidding. Easily include the revenue generated from each conversion to allow Facebook to learn to optimize your budget towards high valuable outcomes instead of low-value outcomes.
  • Smarter Reporting. See and measure the impact your ad spend is having on Clearbit Conversions directly within Facebook. This allows you to understand how many leads your campaigns are generating and their cost to make intelligent budget decisions.


How it works

Historically, conversions were tracked using 3rd party cookies. However, with increased privacy controls, ad blockers, and the coming deprecation of 3rd party cookies across the web, this tactic is no longer reliable.

With Clearbit Conversions, you are able to bypass the need for tracking conversions with 3rd party cookies, and instead, send server-to-server conversion data directly to Facebook via API. This ensures user data stays secure and results in more accurate and complete tracking than prior methods.

  1. User clicks on an ad and arrives on your site.
  2. User browses your site and reads about your product/solution.
  3. User fills in a form on your site and becomes a lead
  4. Clearbit Conversions automatically sends this to Facebook, resulting in ROAS Reporting, quality targeting, and value-based bidding.


Set Up

  1. In Clearbit X, create a Person Audience to determine when to send a quality conversion event. Here, you can define what a quality conversion is for your business based on any combination of your CRM data, Clearbit attributes, and custom traits.Quality_Conversions_step_1.png
  2. Configure your Conversion Event within the Destinations tab to send to the proper Facebook Account. Further, define your event name, type, and value. By inserting your event value, you are able to unlock value-optimized bidding within Facebook, which will further improve your ROAS.



Pro Tip 1: To maximize your targeting, select a Standard Event type

Pro Tip 2: For even more accurate syncing, ensure that clearbit.js is on your site either directly or via Audience or Google Tag Manager.



Limited Data Use - When you create a Clearbit Conversion, you can enable Facebook’s Limited Data Use feature. This may help you comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Facebook Account - Once you've authed to Facebook, you'll be able to select any business account that you manage.

Facebook Pixel - If you have multiple Facebook pixels associated with your Facebook account, you'll be prompted to select one.