Grant Partner Access to your Facebook Ad account

During implementation, your dedicated Advertising Strategist will request view access to your Facebook Ad Account.

This allows our team to provide account support, audit your campaign setup, troubleshoot delivery issues, and give proactive recommendations on campaign performance.

How to Grant Access

1. Log into your Business Manager account

Navigate to and log into your company's Business Manager account.

Don't have a business manager account? Business Manager is like a home-base for all of your Facebook and Instagram assets (e.g. ad accounts, pages, profiles, and users), and required to connect your Facebook Ads Manager account. Start here to create a business manager account, and connect your Facebook Ads Manager.

2. Assign Clearbit as a Partner to your Ad Account

Navigate to Accounts > Ad Accounts, and click the Assign Partners button.

Enter the Business Manager ID that our team has provided.

Select the View Performance toggle and click next... and, that's it!

3. Notify Your Advertising Strategist

Notify your dedicated Advertising Strategist when you have successfully shared access. With View

Permissions access they will be able to audit your campaign setup, troubleshoot delivery issues, and provide ongoing performance recommendations.