What are Facebook Standard Events?

Facebook supports a number of Standard Events that advertisers can track to improve their conversion outcomes.

Optimize for Behavior Patterns

Standard Events are designed to improve Facebook's targeting algorithms by grouping similar event together, allowing Facebook to learn and predict conversions that have similar behavioral patters.

In fact, Facebook uses distinct machine learning models for each Standard event.

This is because different categories of events have different behavioral patterns.

For example, the behavior that predicts a B2C Purchase looks very different than the behavior that predicts a B2B ebook download. To account for different behavior patters, Facebook targets ads using the Purchase and Lead Standard Events using different machine learning models, which improves Facebook's ability to predict conversion events (and show ads to those people).

Ultimately, better predictions from Facebook lead to more conversions at a lower cost.

Facebook Standard Events for B2B Advertisers

B2B advertisers typically use a conversions events:

  • Lead - A submission of information by a customer with the understanding that they may be contacted at a later date by your business. For example, submitting a form to download content or submit a demo request.
  • Complete Registration - A submission of information by a customer in exchange for a service provided by your business. For example, signing up for an email subscription.
  • Start Trial - The start of a free trial of a product or service you offer.
  • Subscribe - The start of a paid subscription for a product or service you offer. For example, when a freemium customer upgrades to a paid subscription.

Other, less commonly used events:

  • Contact - A telephone, SMS, email, chat or other type of contact between a customer and your business. For example, this conversion event can be used for high-volume outbound air cover campaigns.

Use the Purchase event to unlock Value Optimization

The Purchase event is required if you want to use Facebook's Value Optimization bidding feature.

Although the Purchase event doesn't fit the standard "model", Clearbit recommends using the Purchase event to optimize campaigns with a variety of predicted lead values.