Getting Started with Conversions

1. Implement Tracking

Before building and sending conversions, we recommend setting up Clearbit's tracking tools. Completing these two steps will improve your ability to identify and match conversions.

Option 1: Implement Tracking via Clearbit

a. Install clearbit.js on your website

The Clearbit javascript does more than enable Site Visitor audiences. Our script helps identify visitors, track their behavior, and tie click data to conversion events.

b. Implement Identify calls

Clearbit recommends sending Identify calls whenever a user fills out a form, signs up for your product, of updates their in-app profile. Identify calls helps Clearbit track individual user behavior, improving our ability to measure conversions across multiple sessions and devices.

Why do I need an Identify call?

The Identify event tells Clearbit who users are on your website (e.g. their email address), so that the platform can attribute past and future browsing behavior to that user.

This allows us to collect, store, and send Click IDs that may have occurred many pages or sessions ago (instead of the normal method which only works if the user never leaves the page).

Sending historical Click IDs increases your Event Match Quality (EMQ) score, which means better training data and more attributes conversions!

Option 2: Implement Tracking via

Clearbit's integration with Segment allows us to automatically identify new users using Segment's native Identify method.

Before you check this off your list, talk to your development team to ensure that you are firing Segment's Identify events when a user fills our your web forms (e.g. for content downloads, demo requests, and other contact methods not integrated into your app).

2. Create a new Conversion event

Creating new Conversions events in Clearbit is easy. Define your audience, configure the conversion event, and... that's it!

Conversion events are all sent server-side, which helps bypass ad blockers and bypasses operating system restrictions like Apple's iOS 14.5 privacy update and Safari 14 Intelligent Tracking Prevention changes.