Set Up a Google Conversion

Facebook conversions use the Google Ads API to send events server-side, bypassing ad blockers and operating system restrictions like the one released by Apple in their iOS 14.5 privacy update.

Create a Google Conversion Action

Before creating a Conversion in Clearbit, you need to define your Conversion Action in Google Ads Manager.

Create a new Conversion Action

If you already have the appropriate conversion action defined, using the Import source, you can skip the first step.

  1. Select Tools > Conversions.
  2. Choose the Import conversion type.
  3. Select Other data sources or CRMs.
  4. Select Track conversions from clicks.
  5. Click Continue.


Configure the Conversion Action

Define the name, default conversion value, and conversion count rules.

  1. Define the Conversion name.
  2. Select Use different values for each conversion (conversion values will be set in Clearbit).
  3. Select Every (recommended) or One, depending on how you count conversions.
  4. Define your conversion window (we recommend 90 days).
  5. Define your attribution model*.


*If you decide to change your attribution model later, the historical data will not change. You will only see conversions using the new attribution model at that point onwards.

Create a Google Conversion in Clearbit

Before configuring your Google Conversion, you need to define your Conversion criteria using a Person Audience.

Every time a person enters (or re-enters) that audience, Clearbit will send a conversion event to Facebook (e.g. when a lead becomes an MQL).

Select the Facebook Conversion destination

Once you have selected or created the right Person Audience...

  1. Navigate to the Destinations tab, located in the top-middle of the page.
  2. Create a Google Conversion event.

Configure the Google Conversion

To configure the Google Conversion:

  1. Select the Google account that will receive the conversion event.
  2. Select the Conversion Action that you created.
  3. Define the conversion value and currency.

Once you have configured your conversion, click Save changes. And... that's it!

How quickly can I see new Conversions? Clearbit batches conversion events every 24 hours. Those events will be available to audit from the Facebook Event Manager page.