Legacy: Generate More ICP Leads at a Lower Cost with Facebook Prospecting

Last updated: September 25, 2023

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Clearbit is committed to helping you find the highest quality leads for your business at the lowest possible cost. Most B2B businesses who are looking to grow new leads restrict themselves to advertising on traditional channels, like LinkedIn. This is often due to poor data quality for B2B marketing on other channels with a wider reach.

At Clearbit, we're pioneering a better way for B2B Lead Gen, by giving marketers access to Linkedin level data targeting across the Facebook platform. The end result is you unlock high-quality B2B leads at a significantly lower cost. 

How To Generate More ICP Leads at a Lower Cost with Facebook Prospecting

1. Create a New Prospect Audience. Within your Clearbit UI, navigate to the Audiences tab and click Create New Audience. Select Advertise to New Prospects.

2. Tell us who you want in your new Audience. You have the ability to define who to target with your Audience using Clearbit's entire B2B database. You can either start fresh or use an existing audience that you've saved previously.

Clearbit makes it fast and easy to define the specific type of businesses you are looking for, whether it's based on Location, Technology, Alexa Rank, or even X (formerly known as Twitter) Followers! Further, you can even define the type of person you'd like to reach at that business, based on Job Title, Role, or Seniority. Click here to see a full list of the attributes you can target.

3. Target your ICP. We recommend starting by Prospecting into your company's ICP or Ideal Customer Profile. This means that you'll be reaching people on Facebook who are most likely to engage and buy from your business and will generate the best Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

For example, one ICP we look at is B2B companies in the United States. We often target SAAS companies that are already using Facebook Advertising. Further, we want to reach people who are Executives or Directors in Marketing roles.


4. Sync it to your Facebook Ad Account. Now that you've defined your Audience, simply select your Facebook Ad Account from the dropdown and click Create & Sync Audience!

The Audience will show up in your Facebook Ad Account and you'll be ready to start targeting your ideal group of B2B customers with Facebook Ads!


💡Clearbit Tip: At the end of the day, good targeting needs to be paired with good ad copy and creativity. We've seen brands have success when they experiment with different creatives and let Facebook automatically optimize to find the best fit for each member of your Audience.

For example, try Emotional Brand-Videos, Product Use Cases, and Customer Testimonials. You can also experiment with different Ad Formats. Lead Ads, for instance, can be a great way to start an engagement and move an account from Prospect to Marketing Qualified Lead.


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