Smart Exclusions: Remove bad accounts from traditional retargeting and save money

You can use Clearbit Advertising to eliminate wasted ad spend on your standard retargeting campaigns by not serving ads to (or excluding) certain visitors.

For example, many companies don't want to spend any ad dollars retargeting accounts that do not fit their ICP customer. Or, perhaps you are running a campaign where it just doesn't make sense to serve the same retargeting ads to existing customers as it does to prospective customers.

With this simple optimization technique, you can spend your ad dollars more efficiently and preserve your budget to actually reach your true target audience.


Ready to get started? Here's a quick guide for your to follow:

Step 1. Create a New Visitor Audience

Within your Clearbit X UI, navigate to the Audiences tab and click Create New Audience. From there, select Advertise to Website Visitors.


This will allow us to define specific Website Visitors. We will eventually tell Google and Facebook to not serve ads to the people in this audience.


Step 2. Define who shouldn't receive your ads

Next, tell us exactly who you don't want to spend money on with your specific retargeting campaign. In the example below, we want to run a campaign that is going to drive new ICP prospects back to our site. To accomplish this, we're going to create an audience that contains our existing customers from Salesforce and those who are not ICP.

Remember, the plan is to tell Google and Facebook to exclude this audience, aka, not serve ads to them!



Step 3. Sync the Audience to your Google and Facebook Ad Accounts

Now that you've defined your audience, simply select the Google and Facebook account you use from the dropdown and click Create & Sync Audience!

This new audience will start populating in your Google and Facebook dashboards. Once it does, go in and update your traditional remarketing campaign to now exclude this audience.



That's it! You've just taken a massive step forward in running more optimized and efficient retargeting ad campaigns. No more wasted ad spend serving ads to customers who have visited your site but are not the real target of your campaigns 🕺

Pro Tip:

You can take this even further by excluding visitors from competitors, current marketing qualified leads, or anyone else who is not the real aim for your campaign. Remember, marketing is all about finding the right message to share with the right audience. By being smart with who to exclude from your campaigns, you can ensure you are more efficient and effective with your ad spend.

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