Outbound Air Cover Campaigns: Prime your prospects and increase outbound response rates

Run always-on campaigns that surround prospects with brand awareness ads whenever a sales rep adds a new lead to their outbound sequence.

Brand awareness advertising is a cost effective way to to generate new demand.

Impression and engagement-focused campaigns help new prospects become aware of your products & solutions, builds trust, generates positive brand sentiment, and boosts acquisition across channels.

In other words, brand awareness campaigns accelerate demand and increase pipeline.

Orchestrate ads with outbound sales efforts

Outbound air cover campaigns work by surrounding prospects with brand awareness ads designed to maximize impression share.

Or to use military jargon, they provide "air cover" for your sales team.

These ads typically showcase product videos, testimonials, reviews, and educational content designed to influence prospects before the sales team begins their outreach efforts.


Clearbit automates the audience orchestration process, automatically adding new prospects to Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Google Display (GDN) campaigns whenever a rep sequences a new lead.


Improve alignment and accelerate demand

Outbound air cover campaigns improve sales effectiveness by priming prospects with your brand message, which improves brand sentiment and lifts overall engagement.

  • Higher email open rates
  • Higher click through rates
  • More positive call dispositions
  • Higher response rates

And ultimately that means... more qualified pipeline.

But why support sales, if I don't get the attribution?

Sure... brand awareness won't drive last-click attribution for new MQLs.

But B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieve 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth (SiriusDecisons). Hard to argue with those numbers.

Low Cost, High Impact

Another benefit of this tactic is that it drives impact at a very low cost.

On Facebook, for example, advertisers can build awareness from their audience at $1-5 per sequenced prospect.

Brand awareness objectives on Facebook and Google take advantage of the low cost-profile of bidding strategies that optimize for impression count over down-funnel conversion actions.

They do this by bidding for lower-cost placements, reaching people at times when clicks and conversions are less likely but visual engagement is still high.

Low cost, high impact.

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