Pipeline Acceleration Campaigns: Improve win-rates and close deals faster with targeted advertising

Accelerate the sales cycle and improve win-rates with always-on pipeline acceleration campaigns.

Clearbit's data connectors allow you to use your sales stage data to dynamically target all of the stakeholder and influencer at accounts with open deals in Salesforce or Hubspot.


How does it work? When a sales rep opens a new opportunity (or deal), Clearbit automatically prospects into that account, building an audience of decision makers and influencers according to the titles, roles, and seniorities you define.

Pipeline acceleration campaigns are designed to maximizing share of voice (SOV) and the end of the buying cycle. Executed well, it creates a lasting emotional connection with your buyers, improves brand sentiment, and increases the chance of a successful deal.

Common creative includes testimonials, reviews, customer stories, ROI reports, and product videos.

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