Pipeline Acceleration: Help your sales team close deals faster with targeted advertising

Modern marketing and sales teams must work together to close deals. No matter where in the sales funnel - early-stage, mid-stage, or late-stage - marketing and sales teams can use Clearbit Ads to serve prospects specific targeted messages and ads.

Using a Pipeline Acceleration strategy, Marketers are able to keep their brand top of mind so that the prospect will remember to respond to your sales rep's emails. This leads to a faster sales cycle and more revenue.

Clearbit Advertising makes these campaigns easy to execute across both Facebook and Google Ads.


Ready to get started? Here's a quick guide for your to follow:


Step 1. Create a new Contact Audience

Within your Clearbit X UI, navigate to the Audiences tab and click Create New Audience. From there, select Advertise to Contacts.



Step 2. Target your active sales cycle

Next, you have the ability to define who to target with your Audience using your internal CRM data from Salesforce or Hubspot as well as Clearbit's B2B dataset of companies. For a Pipeline Acceleration strategy, our goal is to increase brand awareness across all our open pipeline opportunities.

Thus, we'll target every Lead in Salesforce who is Salesforce status shows them as existing Pipeline or Sales Qualified.




Step 3. Sync it to your Google and Facebook Ad Accounts

Now that you've defined your Audience, simply select your Facebook and Google Ad Accounts from the dropdown and click Create & Sync Audience!

The Audience will show up within Facebook and Google and you'll be ready to start providing strategic Pipeline Acceleration campaigns to every Lead that is active in your Pipeline.




Pro Tip for Pipeline Acceleration Campaigns

Go for high-reach campaigns, brand awareness, or video views. In terms of ad creative, we recommend you focus on Emotional Brand-Videos, Product Use Cases, and Customer Testimonials.