Get started identifying users

You can identify users on your website by sending Identify calls to the Clearbit tag.

Sending Identify calls allows you to identify users, track those users' actions (like page views), and record traits about them.

Identify calls are sent using a snippet of JavaScript that communicates with the Clearbit tag, telling it who the user is (e.g. their email address) so that it can attribute past and future browsing behavior to that user in the Clearbit platform.


Are you a Segment customer? Clearbit's Segment integration allows you to import your identified user traits and page views directly into Clearbit! We recommend that Segment customers use the Segment Identify spec and send that data to Clearbit so that you get the full benefit of Segment's CDP and avoid having to manage redundant code.

Sending Identify calls allows you to track user behavior for activity-based segmentation, Contact Audience targeting, and accurately tracking conversions from ads.

When to send an Identify call

Clearbit recommends that you make an Identify call whenever a user fills out a form, signs up, or updates their user information in your app.

For example...

Common marketing Identify calls

  • When a user fills out a contact form (e.g. a demo request)
  • When a user downloads content (e.g. an ebook) or registers for a webinar
  • When a user subscribes for a newsletter

Common in-app Identify calls

  • After a user first signs up
  • After a user logs in
  • When a user updates their info in your app (for example, they change or add a new address)
  • Upon loading any pages that are accessible by a logged in user (optional)

How frequently should I send Identify calls? If possible, we recommend sending an Identify call whenever a user reveals their identity to you, even if you have identified them before.

Why? Because most users access your website across multiple devices. And even if you manage to identify them across every device, local storage and cookies expire over time, meaning that tracking data will be lost unless you continue to re-identify users over time.

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