What's the Difference Between Hubspot's Conversion Tracking Feature and Conversion API?

Last Updated: May 17, 2022

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Hubspot's Ad Optimization Event feature uses an old API that Facebook released back in May 2018. This solution is not the same as the Conversion API, which is what Facebook recommends you use to track conversions after the iOS 14.5 update is released.

❗️Disclaimer: Hubspot's Ad Optimization Event feature does not support Facebook's conversion optimization system and will not protect your performance from iOS 14.5.

The Offline Conversions API (which should not be mistaken for the new Conversions API) is designed for reporting, not ad optimization. The feature was released to measure ad clicks and views from offline events like in-store purchases.

Clearbit Conversions allows you to integrate your Hubspot data directly with the Conversions API, which allows you to send both offline and online events server-side, and fuels your Facebook ad performance with high-quality conversion data.