Legacy: FAQ: Selective Enrichment

Last Updated: May 23, 2024

🔍 Please note: this article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Selective Enrichment empowers you to choose which records in your CRM are enriched and which are not, providing a tailored data management experience. The sync between Clearbit and CRM happens within minutes upon creation of a record and syncing data. 

How does Selective Enrichment work?

Within the Clearbit Platform, you can establish filter criteria to determine the records that will undergo enrichment. These criteria can be customized for various scenarios, such as:

  • Enriching leads created since the start of the year.
  • Excluding records from free email domains like Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Focusing on enriching only qualified prospects.

The flexibility of choosing different filters based on your CRM data is at your disposal. However, please note that creating filters based on Clearbit attributes is currently not supported.

📝 Please note: Selective Enrichment is checked upon record creation (Live Enrichment), during manual Backfills, and when Clearbit pushes updated data to your records.


Where can I access Clearbit's enrichment feature in my Clearbit account?

You can find the Clearbit enrichment feature by logging into the Clearbit Platform and navigating to the Integrations tab within your Clearbit account. Here, you'll see various connections you've set up, such as Salesforce or HubSpot.


Select Manage under your specific integration. Select the object you would like to enrich for and you'll see "Selective Enrichment" as an option.


Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 2.41.19 PM.png


What's the significance of the "or" and "and" operators in the filters?

Switching between "or" and "and" operators allows you to fine-tune your filters, enabling the creation of complex conditions by grouping different criteria together to target the records you wish to enrich precisely.


Can I apply these filters to any type of record?

The filters are applied to the object selected in the top tab. Each object has its own tab. For instance, if you're looking to selectively enrich accounts, you can use data from your Salesforce account records for these filter criteria. Similarly, for contacts or leads, you'd focus on their respective records.


When does Selective Enrichment restrict the enrichment process?

Records excluded from enrichment based on your filter criteria are bypassed during the enrichment process, not impacting enrichment metrics or credit usage. Although all CRM records are ingested for smooth platform operation, currently, there's no feature to prevent record ingestion, but this is under consideration for future development.


How does Clearbit handle blank and nil values?

To ensure successful enrichment, please specify how you'd like Clearbit to handle blank values. For example, if you are using 'include none of the following' or 'Contains...' filters, you also must specify if you want Clearbit to include or exclude blank values. 


For example, if a user wants to enrich contacts whose Lead Status is "In Progress" or "Open Deal" but doesn't want to enrich null values, the Selective Enrichment Criteria should be set to be like the following:




To enrich records where the Lead Status may be blank, follow these steps:

  1. Switch the AND operator to the OR operator.
  2. Consider the potential for null values, as illustrated in the example below:


📝 Please note: If your mappings do not take nils/blanks into consideration, you will see a COERCE error in the Enrichment Logs.


How does Clearbit handle boolean (True or False) type fields?

When using a Boolean type field, confirm if that field has a default value. In some cases, boolean type fields (eg. Salesforce Checkbox type field) will assign a value by default and therefore never be 'blank' (NULL). 

This means that instead of using the Selective Enrichment conditions {{field}} - is/is not blank, you should use the {{field}} - is any of - True/False

I've enabled Selective Enrichment filters, but eligible records aren't getting enriched. What should I do?

If you face a scenario where enrichment should occur but doesn't:

  • Check the enrichment logs for a specific record to understand its enrichment status.
  • Ensure records are re-ingested with the latest CRM data, typically done upon creation and re-ingested every 4 hours on a scheduled job.
  • If issues persists, please contact support@clearbit.com for assistance. Please include emails/domains examples.


What additional materials are available for reference?

To get a feel for Selective Enrichment, you can watch this customer-friendly demo video: Selective Enrichment Demo.


Platform Specific Notes: 


Data is rechecked every 4 hours for updates. A backfill rechecks all records, while Sync checks only updated records. If logs say a record is "Skipped for sync", it's likely due to not meeting enrichment criteria or being within the 4-hour window.




Unlike Salesforce, HubSpot doesn't recheck records after creation. This can cause issues if filters are set for conditions that arise after record creation.

For example, if I only want to enrich a lead once it's been qualified by Marketing, I might create the lead, work it a little, then change the Status field to "MQL". If the filter won't enrich leads unless they are in MQL status, it won't be in that status upon creation which is the only time we ingest and evaluate records for enrichment, thus never enriching this record. If this functionality would be valuable to your team, please let your account team know.