Legacy: Clearbit Platform - Why is my Salesforce Account Being Disconnected?

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans. If you signed up in 2024, you are on a Sales Intelligence for HubSpot plan: Free, Growth, or Business.

Last updated: 10/6/2023

This guide outlines initial troubleshooting steps if your Salesforce account consistently getting disconnected from Clearbit Platform. If these steps do not fix the issue, please reach out to support@clearbit.com.


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Integration User & Permissions

We recommend creating an integration user to connect to Clearbit. That way, when a team member leaves your organization, the connection between Salesforce and Clearbit won’t break.

📝 Please note: Ensure that the user making that authentication has the box API Enabled in the Administrative Permissions checked. Otherwise, the sync with Clearbit will fail. 


📝 Please note: Enrichment customers need Read/Write access. Ads & Alerts use cases only need Read access

Ensure Clearbit has the correct object and field-level permissions in Salesforce.

  1. Sync all Objects, Records, and Fields
    1. Make sure your Integration User has read permissions for all of the following objects (and fields on those objects):
      1. Leads
      2. Contacts
      3. Accounts
      4. Opportunities
      5. Users
  2. Sync Selective Data
    1. Clearbit will only sync objects, records, and fields that the authenticated user has permission to read. To restrict specific data from being synced and displayed in Clearbit, define your Salesforce profiles and permission sets to restrict the authenticated user's read access to those objects, records, and/or fields. Here is how you restrict permissions to certain records.

Salesforce Authentication Failure

This Salesforce OAuth error can happen for several reasons. Here are a couple of common causes:

  • Salesforce OAuth error can happen because a particular user may not be allowed to self-authorize
  • The base URL is incorrect (test.salesforce.com for sandbox or login.salesforce.com for production)

To resolve the authentication error:

  1. First, check your base URL, if your base URL is correct and you are still getting the authentication failure error, you can try allowing all users to self-authorize:
  2. In your Salesforce account, go to: Apps → Connected Apps → Manage Connected Apps → {{YOUR APP}} → Edit Policies to go to your Connected App’s Edit page
  3. Under Permitted Users, select All users may self-authorize and hit save