Legacy: Why is conditional overwrite and backfill unavailable in Marketo?

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Reveal, or Clearbit Platform plans.

Conditional Overwrite

The conditional overwrite feature requires we make recurring requests to Marketo's Bulk API in order to fetch the most recent data stored on your existing records and compare it against the enrichment data Clearbit is attempting to write.


Marketo has strict limits on how much data we can extract on a daily basis through the API. Despite our best efforts to work well below that limit, we can't guarantee subsequent requests to fetch your latest information won't run past it. While the data limit doesn't affect the integration's ability to enrich newly created records, it will prevent us from pulling updates about your existing records, which is required for conditional overwrite functionality. Additionally, hitting the data extract limit may prevent other third-party connected integrations using the Bulk API from working as expected.


If you are interested in enabling conditional overwrite for your account, it's important that you understand the associated risks discussed in this help article, including the possibility of Clearbit overwriting existing field data if the 500MB daily export allocation is reached. Once you have reviewed these risks, please contact our Support team at support@clearbit.com with a request to enable this feature, clearly indicating your acceptance of the risks involved.



Backfill functionality is under development and will be available soon.