Legacy: Switch from Legacy to In-platform Visitor Report

🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on Standard Bundle, Enrichment, or Clearbit Platform plans. If you signed up in 2024, you are on a Sales Intelligence for HubSpot plan: Free, Growth, or Business.


Last Updated: Nov. 16, 2023



On Nov. 17, 2023, we launched a new version of the Weekly Visitor Report (now accessible at app.clearbit.com/visitors) that's fully integrated with the Clearbit platform. As a result, legacy Weekly Visitor Reports will stop generating on Nov. 24th, 2023 (but will still be accessible until Jan. 1st, 2024).


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What's New

This is the biggest update we've ever made to the Weekly Visitor Report. But before we get into the new, it's important to note that users will still keep all of our most popular features, including:

  • An interactive feed of their top visitors
  • Knowing who’s in their ICP and showing intent
  • All the filters they know and love
  • Engagement insights that drive action
  • CRM integration to uncover known and net-net accounts

And here's what's brand new:

  • Access to real-time company and person visitors
  • Access to multiple time frames
  • One-click prospecting to find contacts
  • Access to much richer firmographic data on every company 
  • Customizable intent definitions (beta)

With much more to come!

How to Switch from Legacy to the New Visitor Report

The good news is that there's no tricky technical work required to use the in-platform Visitor Report. Just head to app.clearbit.com/visitors and it'll already be live!

That said, you will need to do a couple things to ensure your teammates still have access to reports and still get email notifications every week.

Ensuring Report Access for Report Recipients

The in-platform Visitor Report will no longer produce publicly accessible reports, and instead, will require report viewers to:

  1. Be a Clearbit user
  2. Be a user of the Clearbit account that set up the Visitor Report

E.g. If Jane Smith from HubSpot set up the Visitor Report for hubspot.com, and John Doe from HubSpot wants to access those reports, Jane will need to add John as a user to her Clearbit account. 

💡 Note: If all of your report recipients are already users on the proper Clearbit account, then no action is required! 

Here's how to add users to your Clearbit account:

Once added, they'll have instant access to in-platform Visitor Reports by visiting app.clearbit.com/visitors.

Set Up Email Notifications for Your In-platform Visitor Reports

A big part of the legacy Weekly Visitor Report was the weekly Friday email sent out to notify users that their report was ready. To set up email notifications for in-platform Visitor Reports, all you'll need to do is:

  1. Click on your Visitor Report settings
    Visitor Report Settings.png
  2. Add your recipients*
    Add Email Recipients (Beta).png

*Recipients must be users of the Clearbit account that set up the Visitor Report. Learn more here

Please note that this feature is currently in beta and we'll be improving it in the coming weeks. 


Where did the Traffic Quality, Traffic Funnel, and Prospect List features go?

Based on in-depth customer research, we made the decision to not include these features in our initial release of the in-platform Visitor Report, but have plans to include them in future releases. If you'd like to voice your concern about this decision, please let us know at grow@clearbit.com

Why can't I (or other recipients of the legacy Weekly Visitor Report) access the new Visitor Report? 

If you head to app.clearbit.com/visitors and you're not seeing the new Visitor Report, it's likely because you (or your recipients) aren't logged into or don't have access to the Clearbit account that set up the Weekly Visitor Report.

Please follow the steps listed here to provide legacy Weekly Visitor Report access to in-platform Visitor Reports. 

Am I able to upgrade to unlock more data or functionality? 

Yes. If you upgrade to either of our paid plans (Growth or Business), you'll get access to an additional  60 companies per time frame (100 companies vs. 40). 

That said, we'll be looking to add many more ways to improve your Visitor Reports via upgrade in the future, both from functionality and data access standpoints.