Legacy: Sales Intelligence for HubSpot - HubSpot Integration Guide

Last Updated: December 21, 2023


🔍 Please note: This article is for customers on the Sales Intelligence for HubSpot plans: Free, Growth, or Business.


1. Sign in with HubSpot

Create a free HubSpot account if you don’t already have one. Then you can head to clearbit.com and click the orange ‘Sign in with HubSpot’ button. 

2. Choose Your HubSpot Instance

Select your specific HubSpot instance to complete signing into your account



3. Connect the HubSpot Integration

You’re all set to start using the Clearbit platform, but if you want to sync contacts directly to HubSpot there is one more step. From your dashboard Clearbit Onboarding section select the ‘View connection’ button in the Connect HubSpot square.



This will take you to your integration settings. Click Connect HubSpot, which will open a modal to complete setting up this integration.

From the modal search for your specific HubSpot instance you want to contacts from Clearbit to sync to.


Once you’ve chosen your account and accepted the integration request you’ll see the status of your integration like you see below.



4. Add New Prospects to HubSpot

Now you’ll be able to sync contacts from the Clearbit Prospector directly to HubSpot:



You’ll be asked to confirm the import and shown the mapped fields


Once you’ve added your contacts you’ll see them directly inside your Contacts tab in HubSpot.



That’s it, you’re now fully set up and ready to start prospecting new contacts and sending them directly to your HubSpot instance.