Set Up Clearbit Enrichment for HubSpot

Last Updated: February 22, 2024

🔍 Please note: This article is for Clearbit by HubSpot customers. Clearbit by HubSpot customers are Enrichment customers who purchased Enrichment after 2/1/24. If enrichment was purchased before 2/1/24, please visit this help document for set up instructions.

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Log into the Clearbit Platform

Note: To sign in, you must first be a user in the HubSpot account used to sign up for Clearbit for HubSpot. Your account admin can add you as a user in HubSpot by visiting:

  1. Settings
  2. Users and teams 
  3. Create User
  4. The created user must have edit access for HubSpot contacts and companies
  5. Send email invite (or upload CSV to add multiple users)

Logging in for the first time:

  1. Visit and select “Sign up with HubSpot”


  1. Select the Hubspot account your organization has elected to use with Clearbit
    • If you are already signed into HubSpot, you will see a list of your accounts and will select the account your organization has chosen to pair with Clearbit.
    • If you are not already signed in, sign into the Hubspot account you will using for Clearbit
  2. Authenticate the Clearbit app.
  3. Taking this action will associate your email with your Clearbit for HubSpot account.
  4. Once completed, you will be logged into your Clearbit account.

Subsequent logins:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter your email to get a Magic Link
  3. Click on the link in your email to sign in


How To Set Up Clearbit Enrichment for HubSpot Field Mappings

  1. Navigate to the Clearbit Platform, click the Enrichment tab 
  2. Determine which Clearbit attributes you’d like to map to HubSpot. 
    1. Attribute List  
    2. List of Clearbit’s Standard Values for any pick list fields. Values in HubSpot picklist must match exactly. 
  3. Select either Contacts or Companies to get started
  4. Click on Add Mappings
  5. Click “Choose Clearbit attribute” and select the Clearbit attribute you’d like to map, then the corresponding HubSpot property. 
    1. Only one Clearbit attribute per unique HubSpot property is allowed.


Set Up Field Mappings

📝 PLEASE NOTE: By default, Clearbit will ALWAYS overwrite any existing data in your mapped fields. As a best practice we strongly recommend creating and mapping Clearbit Specific Fields. For example: CB Industry, CB company size, etc.

Creating custom fields to house Clearbit data will ensure existing data or data entered in native HubSpot fields via other sources will be preserved. It will also ensure you have a clear record of Clearbit provided enrichment data.

Clearbit Specific fields should be added as custom fields within HubSpot. Once added to HubSpot, you will see the option to “refresh properties” in your enrichment field mapping configuration. Once clicked, new fields in HubSpot will be reflected in your Clearbit Platform for mapping.

Optional: In addition to firmographic data mappings you have the option to map the Clearbit System Trait “Clearbit Processed At.” This attribute will be a date/time stamp provided for all contact records that have valid emails and/or all Company records with a valid domain of when enrichment was run on that specific record, regardless of whether or not we are able to return date. 

Use Case Example: workflow trigger, reporting on number of records processed 

Please note that credits are consumed for each unique record Clearbit is able to successfully enrich, meaning we provide data to one or more of your mapped fields. System traits are included, so with this data point mapped, each record will consume a credit.


Go Live with Enrichment of Net New Records 

Once field mapping is finalized, toggle on enrichment to enable. 


List Based Enrichment 

Enrich all or a select grouping of contacts and/or companies in your HubSpot database according to the field mappings by leveraging list based enrichment.

  • Identify the list you’d like enriched by typing key words in "search for a list by name".
  • Once identified, click the "enrich button." All lists enriched by Clearbit will be automatically kept up to date with new or updated data, per your field mappings, as new data is identified by Clearbit.

Note: Once the initial enrichment on a list has started, it cannot be canceled. 


For technical assistance please reach out to