Why is the Enrichment widget not working?

Here are a few things you can check if the Enrichment widget is not working:

Do you have access?

  1. Please make sure you have Enrichment enabled and the Clearbit permission set.
  2. Action to take: contact your team's Salesforce ADMIN to get access to Enrichment. They can follow this guide to make sure you have the correct permissions.

Did you start Clearbit Refresh or Backfill recently?

1. Enrichment is going through all your existing records and may need additional time to fully process. Here's the expected time to allow for Enrichment to enrich your db records:


2. Action to take: Check with your Admin, and contact us if your backfill has not completed within this time estimate.

Is there an error on the Enrichment widget?

  1. Please take a screenshot of the Javascript Console and get in touch with our Success Team.
  2. Action to take:
  • Follow this walkthrough to view your Javascript Console
  • Press command + shift + 4 to take a good screenshot of the Console errors
  • Include the email (for Leads / Contacts) or domain (for Accounts) that's throwing this error
  • email us at support@clearbit.com