How do I enrich Accounts if I don't have their Websites in Salesforce?

To enrich an Account in Salesforce, a Website domain needs to be provided - the domain is the source Clearbit uses to find firmographic data to return back. But what if you don’t have an Account’s domain saved?

You can still get enriched company data by pulling an enriched Contact’s email and using the domain portion of the email to enrich the associated Account.

Things we’ll use:

  • Salesforce’s built-in Process Builder
  • Clearbit’s enriched data from Contacts

1. Build a Process Builder Workflow

- head to Setup
- in the Quick Find / Search bar, type in Process Builder 
- click into Process Builder 


and click New to start a new Process Builder workflow

2. Under Process Name, you’ll want to name the workflow you’re building and set the process starts when A record changes


3. Now, let’s add an Object - this is the kind of record the workflow will focus on.

 click on + Add Object
- select Contact
- click to Start the process when a record is created or edited
- and press Save


4. Next, we’ll define the Criteria to trigger this workflow.


It’s important for the Conditions to be the right order and to pay close attention to the Operator, Type, and Value - this makes sure the data we want to use is referenced correctly.

  • Set Conditions to: All of the conditions are met (AND)
  • Press Save!


5. Now, let's add an Action.

  • Name the Action
  • For Record, select: [Contact].Account ID
  • Set your criterion to Field: Website | Type: Field Reference | Value[Contact].cbit__Clearbit__r.cbit__CompanyDomain__c 
  • Press Save


6. Activate the Process Builder workflow.

7. From there, run a Backfill on the Contact object (this is located in Clearbit Settings) to trigger the workflow to run on all Contacts.

You'll want to allow the necessary time for Backfill and Process Builder to complete. Conservatively speaking, Backfill will process 300K records per 24 hours.