Install & Configure Clearbit for Prospector

Get Clearbit from the AppExchange and install in production. Configure your settings to make sure all records stay up to date with current data.

  1. Install the Clearbit for Salesforce by pressing Get It Now.
  2. Click  Log in  to the AppExchange.
  3. Click Install in production.

- Within Salesforce -

  1. Go to Setup > Installed Packages and find ClearbitIntegration
  2. Click Configure.
  3. Click Connect to Clearbit, and Login to the (billing user's) Clearbit account, then Authorize access.

    Here's a walkthrough.

Important: if your Clearbit account isn't the billing account, you can still complete set up - you'll need the billing account's API Key since it's tied to the right Clearbit plans. This API key can be found in the billing user's Clearbit dashboard and you'll want to plug it into the Clearbit API Key field within Clearbit Settings to successfully configure Clearbit. If you're unable to find the API Key, we can help. 

Heads up! Bypassing this step may lead to confusing messages down the line, especially if you were previously on a trial version.