How do Reveal and Prospector work together in Salesforce?

Note: to use Reveal and Prospector together, you’ll need a Clearbit for Google Analytics plan. For details on how to setup Reveal in GA, check out our support library.

Prospector's Reveal integration lets you prospect against companies who have recently visited your website. In the Reveal Recent Visits field, select to see the companies who have been on your website in the:

  • Last day
  • Last two days
  • Last week

Then click Search for companies. The companies listed will all be ones that visited your website recently. You can then filter that list further by specifying further criteria.

We recommend using other Prospector parameters to narrow down what your ideal customer looks like (ex. Location: United States, Supertags: B2B), then adding a Reveal Recent Visits filter to pinpoint the most relevant companies from a given timeframe.