Uninstall the Clearbit Package

Uninstalling the Clearbit Package

The Clearbit Package can be uninstalled by heading to Setup -> Installed Packages, and clicking on the uninstall link next to ClearbitIntegration.

This process usually runs very smoothly, but keep in mind that as a security feature, Salesforce will not allow admins to uninstall a package that currently has components in use. This means that if you are using Clearbit data in processes, workflows or formulas, you’ll need to remove or deactivate them before uninstalling. You’ll also want to remove the Clearbit widget from your page layouts. Luckily, if there are any errors when you uninstall, Salesforce will display the steps necessary to remedy them in the error message.



Permission Set Errors:

Follow the steps below, ff you encounter a Permission Set error during uninstall that you are unable to resolve.

How to Remove Clearbit User Permissions

As the first solution, please check Clearbit User Permissions.

  1. head to Setup
  2. type in the Quick Find Search Bar: Permission Set
  3. click into Clearbit User Permissions
  4. click into Manage Assignments to remove any users

If there are no users assigned under Clearbit Users Permissions (like the screenshot below), let's move on to the second solution.


How to Identify Any Remaining Clearbit User Permissions in Salesforce

Occasionally Salesforce won’t display every user with a Permission Set assigned, and a more technical approach is required to resolve the issue. Please contact your team's technical ADMIN to assist with this portion.

  1. Open the Developer Console
  2. Select the Query Editor tab at the bottom of the window
  3. Paste in the query:

SELECT Id,  Assignee.namePermissionSet.name, PermissionSet.label FROM PermissionSetAssignment

  1. Click Execute

From there, you'll want to look in the column, PermissionsSet.Name, for any rows that contain the value: Clearbit_User_Permissions. Once identified, removing the user(s) will allow you to uninstall the ClearbitIntegration package.

If you're experiencing another error please let us know and we will help you sort it out!