Clearbit for AppExchange V 11.56 Release Notes

Reveal Page View data
Want to track the frequency your named accounts are browsing your site?  In addition to tracking daily site views from your named accounts, you can now configure up to 10 paths to gather hourly traffic data. This allows you to build notification and processes that enable your Sales, Marketing, and Ops teams.  
This functionality requires a Clearbit Reveal subscription. 
Contact to learn more.
Fine-grain Lead Source control in Prospector
Admins now have the options to let users enter a Lead Source value, reference and display the default picklist from the standard Lead Source field, or hardcode one value for the team to use.
New Clearbit Settings UI
The big list is gone! We’re not fans of scrolling either and the new package organizes our application settings in a new, tabbed interface. The previous options for Enrichment are comfy in their own tab, as with Reveal and Prospector:
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed display issue on widget of enrichments that respond with 422
  • Fixed account de-duplication error in Prospector when adding companies by domain
  • Fixed refresh/backfill batch re-scheduler issue