How do I get more email lookups in Connect?

We will always offer 100 free lookups per month for each user, and beyond that a Premium Connect subscription for enterprise use at $500 a month for 1000 requests, billed annually. This can be divided between up to five seats, so 200 credits per user.

Alternative prospecting solutions we offer are listed below:

1. Prospector API
The Prospector API will require some dev work from your end to operate, but it will allow you to search for contact information at larger quantities. The API starts at $12k a year for 36k results.

2. Prospector for Salesforce
In Salesforce you are able to search for new leads based on a set of advanced criteria, filter and find the right contacts from those companies, and add them directly into the CRM. I recommend checking out the demo video in the link above to get a better visual representation :) Salesforce plans start at $12k a year.

Interested in any of these plans? Contact to get set up!