Clearbit Enrichment Training Material for Your Team

This doc is an overview of what you need to know when getting familiar with Clearbit Enrichment. Start out by watching this short video to get an idea of what Enrichment can do for you. 



What data fields do you return?

See the complete list of data attributes we return here


Where can I see Clearbit data?

Clearbit data can be seen in three different places within your Leads, Contacts and Accounts

  •  Lead/Contact/Account View: Clearbit writes to blank standard fields and any custom fields you specify directly on your Lead, Contact or Account view.
  •  Enrichment widget: The Enrichment widget will show you a summary of person and company data in Leads and Contacts, and just company data in Accounts.
  • Clearbit custom object record: The Clearbit custom object record will store all Clearbit data we are able to return on the person or company in question. All of this data is available to use when running reports.


What sources does Enrichment need to work?

  • Leads & Contacts need a valid email
  • Accounts need a valid domain in the Website field 

How does Enrichment get triggered?

  • When a user with the Clearbit Permission Set creates a record
  • When a user with the Clearbit Permission Set initiates a Backfill Enrichment
  • Automatically every 30 days when your Refresh cycle takes place (if this feature is turned on)

How can I utilize Clearbit data in reports?

You can build several different kinds of reports with Clearbit data to help you in your day-to-day work. Read more on how to find valuable insights with Clearbit reports here.

What if I see data that seems to be off?

You can easily flag incorrect data from the Enrichment widget on your Leads, Contacts or Accounts by clicking on the flag icon at the top right corner. You can expect the data to be updated in your org within 30 days (when your next Refresh cycle takes place).

Any questions? Shoot your Clearbit Customer Success Manager a note!