Clearbit Prospector Training Material for Your Team

With Clearbit Prospector, you no longer need to buy stale lists or search the Internet for potential buyers. Instead, generate highly targeted account and lead lists — complete with contact details — in seconds. We'll provide you the information you need to get your team ready to incorporate Prospector into their daily workflow below.
Prospector is available directly within your Salesforce Org. You can find it by clicking on the menu toolbar plus sign to see All Tabs (, and then search for Clearbit Prospector.
To prepare for rolling out Prospector to your team, you'll want to make sure every rep has been granted a Clearbit License. From there you can share these brief videos below to get them familiar with the tool.

Three fundamental ways to use Prospector in SFDC

Build large, targeted lists via criteria

2. Prospector app | Add by Domain

Prospect directly within a list of named Accounts

3. Prospector widget | add new Contacts (Account level)

Import new Contact from an Account you're working with

*although the option to add prospects by CSV is available, we recommend adding records directly as Leads or Contacts then syncing to outbound emails tools, like Outreach. 


Account Based Prospecting

You can now also prospector for Accounts directly without adding a Lead or Contact. See here.

Remove Duplicates

To avoid adding duplicate Accounts into your org, make sure to de-dupe your results before continuing past the Account level in the Prospector app. See here.

Other Resources

Find what data fields, company tags and business classifications (super tags) we return here.

Find what tech tags we support here.

Check out this doc for Prospector Best Practices when discovering new leads through the app.


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