Tutorial: Enrich new contacts in Close.io using Zapier

Data enrichment can make functions like lead scoring and identifying decision-makers at the right time a breeze. With this powerful information, you can get both your sales team and marketing automation efforts on the same page, accelerating the sales process.

You can have Clearbit data automatically added to contacts as they arrive in real-time using our Close.io integration with Zapier. This article will review how to set this up.

Before we begin...

Ensure you have the following:

  • An active Clearbit account
  • An active Close.io account
  • An active Zapier account
  • At least (1) contact in your Close.io database

Step #1: Create a new Zap with the Zapbook

Go to the Clearbit-Close.io Zapier page and scroll down to find the Zap template that says “Update new Close.io leads with personal and company data from Clearbit”. Click “Use This Zap” to get started.


Step #2: Begin the template 

Once in the Zap Builder, you’ll see a summary of the Zap, including what it does and how it works. Scroll to the bottom and click “Create this Zap”.


Step #3: Connect your Close.io account 

Click “Continue” with “New Lead” auto-selected — if your Close.io account is already linked to Zapier, you can choose it, click “Continue”, then jump to Step #4.

Otherwise, to connect your Close.io account, click “Connect an Account” and enter your API key in the field. You can find your API key by click "Settings" under the top-right drop-down, then clicking "Your API Keys" under "Organization". 



Click "Save + Continue" with your connected Close.io account selected. 

Step #4: Test your Close.io trigger

Zapier will want to test your trigger to ensure that the contacts are being routed properly. As long as you have at least (1) contact in Close.io, you can test and see the results.

Click “Fetch & Continue” to have Zapier pull information on your most recent contact. You can view the information on that contact once it loads, or just click “Continue” to move on.


Step #5: Connect your Clearbit account

The action “Find Person And/Or Company” should be auto-selected, just click “Continue”. The next step is to authenticate your Clearbit account — Zapier needs access to your Clearbit account in order to enrich your Close.io contacts. If your Clearbit account is already connected to Zapier, just select it and click “Continue”, then jump to Step #6.


If you don’t already have a Clearbit account connected to Zapier, click “Connect an Account”. Enter your secret API key in the pop-up, which you can find under “API” on the left side of your screen in your Clearbit Dashboard


Step #6: Test the Clearbit enrichment

Click the plus sign on the right side of the “Email Address” search bar — it’ll search Close.io for available fields, the first being the email address we tested in Step #3. Choose that then click “Continue”.

On the next page, click “Fetch & Continue” to enrich the email. You can view the enriched data, or just scroll to the bottom and hit “Finish”.


Step #7: Set Close.io as your action

The final step in this Zap is getting Zapier to update your lead in Close.io. The option “Update Lead” should be auto-selected, just click “Continue”. Select the same Close.io account you already connected and hit “Save + Continue”.



Step #8: Map your fields

In order for your contact to be enriched with Clearbit data, you need to tell Zapier where to map the new data points to. Start by clicking “Show advanced options” so you can see all the fields beyond the email to update.


*This is what you should see after clicking the above


Select the default Close.io Lead ID email for “Lead ID”, and then map Clearbit information to the other relevant fields. You can see the drop-down for field options by clicking the icon on the right side of the box.

*This is what the drop-down should look like and what you should select*


*This is what the field will look like AFTER you select lead ID*


In the example below, the only additional field (aside from lead ID) that is mapped is “Company Name”. When you’re satisfied, scroll to the bottom and hit “Continue”.

*This is what the drop-down should look like and what you should select*


*This is what the field will look like AFTER you select Company Name*


Important: There are a variety of Clearbit fields that do NOT have default options in Close.io, meaning they will not naturally show up as an option in this menu. I.e, funding raised, # of Employees, etc. 


In order to have them as an option to map to, you need to create a custom field in Close.io. Click here for more information on how to do that. 

When you’re satisfied with the options you’ve moved, scroll to the bottom and hit “Continue”.

Step #9: Test the enrichment

The final step before activating your Zap is to make sure the respective lead was enriched. You’ll notice in the example below that the only two fields that are sent for testing are “Lead ID” and “Company Name” — the two that we selected on the last page! Go ahead and click “Send Test to Close.io” at the bottom right.



Success! The test worked, and the contact was enriched. To be sure, you can check the Close.io html_url and see that the company & lead that has been enriched. The one below is validated, as the company record now exists with the associated contact.


Step #10: Set the Zap live

Your Zap is ready to go — on the last page, click the “Off” button under “Your Zap Is” and it will turn to green (and on), indicating that it is live. You can name your Zap so that it’s easier to find in your Zapier dashboard.