Add Users to Your Clearbit Team

Last Updated: November 9, 2022

📝 Please note: You can only invite someone to join your team if you are an admin on your team's Clearbit account.

You can add multiple users to a Clearbit Team, allowing your colleagues access to Clearbit's free tools and products. This article shows how to invite them, how to assign users a role, and how to toggle between teams in your Clearbit dashboard.

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How to Invite Users

  1. Navigate to the Team tab from the Clearbit dashboard. This tab is only visible to Team admins.
  2. Click the Users tab.
  3. Enter the appropriate email addresses and click the Send invite button. The invitee will get an email prompting them to set up a Clearbit account. Once that's done they'll automatically be added to your team.

💡 Clearbit Tip: If you are the team member who received the invitation link and see the error message below, try logging out of your Clearbit account and clicking on the link again.


How to Add User Roles

  1. Navigate to the Team tab from the Clearbit dashboard.
  2. Click the Users tab, where you can see a list of people associated with your current team, and their permission roles.
    User role: Sees everything in your account, aside from the Team tab, billing, and API keys.
    Admins role: Sees everything in your account, adds new team members, and changes their roles.
  3. Click on the user's role to change it.

📝 Please note: If you want someone to update the billing info on your Account, be sure to make them an Admin once they are part of the team.