Field Types

Forms supports a number of common fields out of the box, so you can quickly get start collecting sales leads. The advantage of using our pre-built fields is that they will autofill as the user starts filling out the form, and they'll automatically map to the correct place downstream.

Email fields

Clearbit's Autofill & Dynamic Enrichment are based off the user's email address, so it's a good idea to put this field first.

You can also set if this field is required, or if you'd like to block free email providers (i.e. Gmail addresses, etc.) from being submitted.

Name, job title, company size, and company domain fields

These field types support autofill (which you can toggle on and off by field).

Short answer, paragraph fields, and Dropdown

These fields are for arbitrary short and long-form inputs. If you're using a destination such as Marketo or Salesforce with your form, remember to set the field's internal name to whatever your custom field's name is downstream so we map it to the correct one.


This is a simple boolean (true/false) field. You can optionally set it to be checked true by default. 

You can also add a link to the description field using markdown. For Example [Link text](

Cookie field 

This hidden field, will pass along cookie data on form submit. Simply set the field's internal name to the cookie's name. So for example, if you had a cookie named awesome_cookie set for visitors, a cookie field with an internal name of awesome_cookie would ensure that value would be fetched from the browser's cookies and passed along with the form.

Param field

Much like the cookie field above, the param field reads a url parameter from the browser's current url. Just make sure to correctly map whichever url parameter you want to be passed along with forms to the correct field internal name. For example, if a visitor hit your site with a url of, a param field with an internal name of utm_source would pass along a value of facebook with form submission.