Integrating with Salesforce

Our Salesforce integration ensures that everyone who completes a form gets created as either a Lead or a Contact in Salesforce.

Connecting to Salesforce

Navigate to your settings by clicking More in the left menu and selecting Configuration. You can also navigate directly to the Configuration page.

This page lists services you have set up with Connectors. Click on Salesforce in this list. You can also navigate directly to your Salesforce connector.

Click the Connect Salesforce button. This will prompt you to log in with your Salesforce account if you are not already logged in.

Follow the instructions provided for authentication. If everything succeeded, your Salesforce Connector should now show a status of "Active."

Enabling Salesforce on a Form

To enable Salesforce on a given form:

  • Navigate to the form and select "Connectors" in the top navigation bar and select the Salesforce Connector from the list
  • Enable the Connector by clicking the switch located at the top right of the sidebar.
  • You can specify the value for the Lead Source, or it will show up as "Clearbit Forms" by default. You can also specify whether leads or contacts get created.

Field mapping

By default, the following fields will be mapped:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Phone

For Leads, company name will also be mapped.

Custom mapping

To be able to map a custom field, say a message field to be sent along with incoming sales requests, you simply need to create a custom field in Salesforce.

To create a new field, head to Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Fields. And then under Lead Custom Fields & Relationships click the New button. You'll need to specify a data type (usually Text or Text Area) for the custom field.

Next, navigate to the form and select "Connectors" in the top navigation bar and select the Salesforce Connector from the list. Here you can build your custom field mapping. Click the dropdown next to the field you want to map and select a custom Salesforce field. It important to note that form field types and Salesforce field types are matched. I.e. you will only be able to select valid boolean fields when mapping to a checkbox form field.

That's it! Every form field response will now create or update a Lead/Contact in Salesforce with your mapped field's response value.

I set up Salesforce in the past - where do I put my username, password, and security token?

We've recently updated Forms to make connecting to Salesforce easier than ever. Connect once, and we handle the rest! No need to enter your login details or security token.