Integrating with Hubspot

Our HubSpot integration ensure that anyone completing a form gets created as a lead in HubSpot.


Click on your avatar, then on the popup menu click Integrations. Navigate to the HubSpot API key section in the sidebar, and generate a new key. Copy and paste that key over to Clearbit Form's HubSpot destinations API Key field. That's it, you're all setup.



By default, the following fields are mapped:

  • Email
  • First name
  • Last name

Custom mapping

To map additional fields, say a custom message that is passed along with form submissions, you'll need to create some custom fields in HubSpot.

If you're using the new layout:

Click on the Settings icon. Navigate to Properties and ensure you're on the Contact properties tab.

If you're using the older layout:

Again, click on your profile image, and navigate to Settings. Then navigate to Properties and ensure you're on the Contact properties tab.

Click Create a property, and fill in the form. While the Label can be arbitrary, the Internal name needs to exactly match the Internal name you specified in Clearbit Forms so we can map it together.


If you want to map a lead source field so you know which leads were created from Clearbit forms, simply create a custom field in HubSpot called clearbit_form_name, which will automatically be mapped to the form name.