Integrating with Webhooks

Our Webhook integration allows you to easily send form submissions anywhere you need to.

We'll POST a JSON payload to the URL you specify, and include both the fields from your form as their internal_name, along with risk data, and clearbit data.

In this example, we have a standard field that includes the Email, Name, Job Title, and Message fields:

  "risk_ip_proxy": false,
  "risk_ip_blacklisted": false,
  "risk_ip_rate_limited": false,
  "risk_email_valid": true,
  "risk_email_disposable": false,
  "risk_email_blacklisted": false,
  "risk_email_free_provider": false,
  "risk_level": "low",
  "risk_score": 0,
"clearbit_form_name": "Example Form", "clearbit_request_ip": "",
"email": "", "name": "David Lumley", "job_title": "Software Engineer", "message": "This is an example message." }