Sync your Salesforce data with Clearbit

Syncing Salesforce with Clearbit allows you to integrate your CRM data into your Clearbit workflows and build advanced segments that reference your sales data.

Note that your Salesforce data is synced every 4 hours, so Clearbit may be a few hours behind at any given time.

To get started, head to your Salesforce Connector settings in Clearbit X.


Before connecting your Salesforce account

Decide which user from your Salesforce org will be the one connecting to Clearbit X. Clearbit X will sync all of your Salesforce users, accounts, opportunities, contacts, and leads, so it's important to sign in as someone that at least has permission to read those objects. We recommend using an integration user with these permissions or a system admin. 


Connecting your Salesforce account


Choose whether you are installing into a sandbox or production org and click the big blue button. Then, sign in to your Salesforce account to authenticate with Clearbit.


Ensure that the user has the box labeled API Enabled checked (you can find it within Administrative Permissions). Otherwise, the sync with Clearbit will fail.  


Syncing your Salesforce data

After clicking Connect Salesforce, the sync should immediate begin. I can take a while for this to complete depending on the number of records in your Salesforce org. Clearbit will then sync with Salesforce every 4 hours.


A note about security

We take data security very seriously, especially when it comes to your Salesforce data. Head to our security policy for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I only want to sync certain fields over to Clearbit X? 

A: Many customers choose to create an Integrations User within SFDC with limited permissions, since the connector will only get access to those fields which that user account has access to. This allows you to mitigate any field-level security concerns. We would suggest using permission sets and profiles within SFDC. 


Q: Will this have a material impact on my API calls? 

A:  Fortunately, this hasn't been an issue for other customers as Salesforce's bulk API generally allows for 150M records to be read/updated daily. But if concerned, you can use sharing rules to specify which records your SFDC user has access to.


Q: What if I know now that some of my records won't be relevant to my Clearbit use case(s)?

A:  Our segment builder will allow you to filter only to relevant records (for example: only records with certain Stage values or Owners). In this way, even though you are syncing in all records, Clearbit will ignore any irrelevant "noise" and focus on what matters to you for the purposes of your Destinations.  


What's next?

Connect more data sources to get better segmentation with Clearbit X.

Once you have done those steps, then you can move onto building your Clearbit X segment.