Syncing your Salesforce data with Clearbit

Syncing Salesforce with Clearbit allows you to integrate your CRM data into your Clearbit workflows, build advanced filters that reference your sales data, and even build custom alerts that notify Account owners when their accounts take action.

To get started, head to your Clearbit Configuration page, and click the Salesforce connector.

 Connecting your Salesforce account


If you use a custom Salesforce domain (i.e. you login to Salesforce from a subdomain other than, you can use the first toggle to specify your custom domain.

Choose whether you are installing into a sandbox or production org and click the big blue button. You'll be asked to sign in to your Salesforce account to auth with Clearbit.

Syncing your Salesforce data


Now that you've connected your Salesforce account to Clearbit, you'll see sync settings appear on the Salesforce Configuration page. Each toggle corresponds to a Salesforce object that can be synced. We never want to sync data without explicit consent, so by default these toggles will be switched off. 

Most Clearbit customers choose to sync every object, but for Reveal Alerting we recommend syncing at least Users, Accounts and Opportunities.

Note that your Salesforce data is synced daily. So Clearbit may be a few hours out of date at any given time.

A note about security

We take data security very seriously, especially when it comes to your Salesforce data. Head to our security policy for more information.