Clearbit Reveal X: Filtering and Alerts

Clearbit real-time alerting comes in three flavors:

  • Emails
  • Slack Alerts
  • Salesforce Messages

1. To setup alerts, start by selecting "Filters" in the top right corner of the page:


2. Create the filter.


3. Select the attribute box, then choose the data source for the attribute. You can currently select from the three options - Clearbit provided company data, Page View information, and Salesforce data (opportunities and accounts). 


4. Setup your filter rules. You can combine with "And/Or" options, and group multiple filters together. Values should match your SFDC configuration values, page view values, or the specific API values which Clearbit returns:


Save your filter then select create alert from the top right menu option. 

For Email Alert:



For Slack, you will need to setup an Incoming WebHook. Visit then choose "Incoming Webhook". Select the channel your team will be using, the copy and past the custom URL to the field as shown below. As current best practice - inside of Custom Message, add the Slack account names with the "at-symbol" ie @name, @name2. Reps will be able to adjust their alert frequency for the page from inside of their Slack App view.



For Salesforce, make sure you've setup the SFDC sync configuration. To configure the SFDC sync, select the "more" option in the bottom left of the browser window > Configuration > Salesforce. Add the User, Organization ID, and select the Sync settings. More info here.



Once you have your sync settings configured, you can select either to create a task or to create a chatter message which will be created and associated with the account owner as visitors come to your site.