Setting Up Clearbit Reveal Real Time Alerting

Configure real time identification alerting for your teams with Clearbit Reveal. Know when accounts show intent in your products and services and follow up with next steps immediately. 

Alerts are currently in Beta. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have not been granted access to this new product but are interested.



Steps to Implement

1. Add clearbit.js to your site (in addition to any Clearbit scripts currently on site)

2. Sync Salesforce (to reference Salesforce data and send alerts directly to Salesforce as Tasks and/or Chatter)

3. Setup filters and alerts 


Potential Alerts to Set-up

Here are a few ideas that might work for your organization to get your creative juices flowing -

  • Create a Task and send a Chatter message in Salesforce when an Account your AE is outbounding to, but hasn’t yet created an opportunity for, visits your /pricing page 3+ times in a week.
  • Send a list of companies over email to your SDR team every Monday morning that are in your target market and showing intent for your new product, but that aren’t associated with an Account in Salesforce
  • Send an alert to your Sales team in Slack when multiple visitors from an Account with a late stage opportunity visit your implementation docs in a given day